Saveway Cleaners is one of the oldest and most established dry cleaners in Westchester County. 

We have been in business since 1960 and pride ourselves on quality work and superior customer service. We have a friendly staff waiting for the chance to serve you. 

Saveway Cleaners brings you:

  • A modernized facility
  • The latest environmentally-friendly K4 cleaning process
  • Modern, five station computer operation for speedy and accurate handling of garments
  • A "spotting station" where each item is carefully inspected and prepared for the cleaning process
  • Two full-time skilled tailors on premise
  • A staff of friendly, knowledgeable and helpful employees
  • Prompt pick-up and delivery service

If you give us a chance we will meet and exceed your expectations at an affordable price.

Saveway is a family owned business and we would love for you to be apart of that family.


Very friendly staff who always attempt to greet you by your name. Especially for regular visitors, they begin to notice when you come and go. The tailor is also very friendly, and prices are quite reasonable. They apparently have gone green, but I still question all the plastic and metal hangers used in their dry-cleaning operation. Nevertheless, they do their jobs very well. (4 Stars on Google)
— Joseph Brown - Local Guide- Google
My experience with Saveway was great. On a recent cross-country flight, the airline stowed my suitcase under a leaky valve. 6+ hours later, my bag was waterlogged and everything inside looked ruined. I took what might be salvageable to Saveway on a friend’s recommendation and they were able to not only get the water stains out of items but eliminated the terrible musty odor. And they gave me a new customer discount!
No suitcase disaster on this trip but I just brought more things in to them with total confidence. Oh yeah, I also had them alter my favorite skirt and it fits beautifully. (5 Stars on Yelp)
— L.T. - Elmsford, NY
This place is awesome. This is my cleaners/tailor for now on. (5 Stars on Google)
— Jimmell Gorley
“Everyone at Saveway was friendly and very helpful. I’ve been a customer for several years and would recommend for anyone looking for another cleaner. They are a family run business and they make you feel like family when you go there. Great work, great people!” (5 Stars on Google)
— Joan S. - White Plains, NY
“If there is a better dry-cleaner in the area, I haven’t found it. They are totally on top of their game, can have the clothes done by the following day, and are skilled and use green chemicals. Ready, this was the message on my machine last week: “Mr. XXXX, we have found a credit card and some money in a pants pocket.” I went in a few days later, and they handed me my cred car, a $100 bill, and did not accept a tip after I insisted. If only most companies operated with such integrity. HUGHLY AWESOME SERVICE!” (Review on Angie’s List)
— Oana S. - Chappaqua, NY
“I have used a lot of different cleaners in the area and this one is by far the best. The first thing that struck me was the large parking lot. I’ve been to cleaners where it’s impossible to find parking. They have many counters which means I’m never waiting too long to pick up my clothes. The staff is always friendly and eager to help and I like that if I have my stuff in by 9am I can get it back the same day. I asked for a special type of press on my button down shirt and they were happy to oblige. I also found that at other cleaners, the buttons on my shirt were always being broken, however they always fix my buttons when they break. They even got out that pesky wine stain on my wife’s favorite dress. They go above and beyond with the service and I’m glad I switched over.” (5 Stars on Yelp)
— Thomas S.- Chappaqua, NY