Leather and Suede cleaning

Do your leathers need a thorough cleaning? Your Uggs looking a little drab? We work directly with leather and suede specialists that can take care of all of your needs. Cleaned in an environmentally-safe process, which uses water-based cleaning agents instead of stronger chemical solvents, our leather and suede specialists take the utmost care with your clothing. Your item will come back looking new!

Our specialists come every Thursday morning so we ask that your items are in by Wednesday evening so they are ready to be sent out. They will be returned the following Thursday.

Shoe Repair

Have a broken heel or need new soles? Are your leather shoes looking a little dull? We have just the solution!

We work closely with shoe repairmen that can take care of your every need. Just leave it with us and in a few days, we will have your shoes back in dancing shape!

Rug Cleaning

All rugs need some TLC at some point in their lives.  We would be happy to send yours to our rug specialist. For an affordable price you can give your rugs a week at the “spa” and they will look like new when they come back. Just make sure to bring it in by Tuesday evening so we can have it back the next week.